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Carpet Measuring & Planning

Carpet Measuring & Planning

The most exciting part of installing new flooring for your home is when it’s time to pick out the style and type you want. However, before you can start narrowing down your options, the first thing that must be done are the floor measurements. The Wall2Wall fitting team are experts in this area, using decades of combined experience to accurately measure your space. We use our flooring expertise to ensure we have all the details we need to draw up an accurate quote and provide you with all the information you need to review the cost of the job.

How does the measuring service work?

Wall2Wall offer free property visits where one of our professional installers will accurately measure out the spaces where you want to install new flooring. While we make sure the process is always done efficiently, we pay attention to the small details, so your quote is completely accurate.

Once the measurements have been finished, we can start to show you a fantastic range of flooring samples. This gives you the chance to get a hands-on view of the carpet, laminate, or vinyl you think will look best in your home. We can also help you narrow down your options so you make the right choice that will transform the space. It’s an important decision to make, and thanks to our experience we’ll make it a much easier one to manage.

Measuring the floor yourself

If you prefer, you can choose to measure the floor space without our assistance. You’ll need a few tools to get started, including a tape measure, pen/pencil, paper, ruler and ideally someone else ready to help. If you decide to measure the room yourself and ask us to quote based on the dimensions you provide, there may be some other information we’ll need to know, such as:

·         What is the room used for?

Let us know if the space is a bedroom, living room, bathroom, bathroom, hallway etc. This gives us a better idea of the type of floors best suited to the space so we can put together and accurate quote.

·         What are the details of the room?

We’ll want to know how many doors and windows are in the room, and if there are any windows, and if so, are they at floor level. Tell us where they are positioned, if they are external or internal opening, and whether they are north- or south facing, as not all floor types react well to long-term exposure to sunlight, as it may fade over time.

·         What type of furniture is in the room?

If furniture is built into the room, we can ensure the flooring is installed to fit around it, rather than moving around free-standing furniture as needed.

·         What’s currently underneath the flooring?

It’s helpful to know what kind of substrate is underneath your current flooring and its condition. Tell us whether its new or old, wood or concrete, level or uneven etc. This matters because the condition of the subfloor can impact the performance of the new flooring. Some flooring types can also hide the imperfections underneath.

·         How many rooms are being measured?

If you are measuring more than one room, you should put the name of each one on the drawing. Also include the adjoining room or connecting hallway in the drawing as this gives us a bigger picture of the layout of your home, which helps us determine the pile direction or flooring type. Also tell us the flooring used in the next room too (if it is not being replaced), as this enables us to choose the right type of connecting threshold.

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We now offer all our customers 0% interest free credit over 12 months. Come visit us at one of our branches to choose your dream flooring and find an interest free plan that works for you! Or book your free at home consultation where we will visit your home and discuss all the details with you. We have branches located in Bolton, Manchester and London. Call us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Please contact us on 0161 302 9440 if you would like to opt in to our 12 months interest free credit option.

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