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Artificial Grass

We all know good landscaping works wonders for improving a home’s appearance. Not everyone wants to spend hours maintaining their lawn, though. In these cases, artificial grass is a perfect choice for those who want a nice looking (but still low maintenance) garden.

Artificial grass is easy to care for as it doesn’t require any water, soil, fertilizer, or sunlight. It looks great all year long and is made to last, without any labour from you.

As a bonus, artificial grass doesn’t take much time or effort to install, so you don’t have to block days off your calendar to get a nice lawn.

If you want to add artificial grass around your property, we have several styles for you to choose from at Wall 2 Wall Flooring & Carpeting. Shop our selection below or visit our stores in person to test each option and see which one is the perfect fit.

We currently have stores in Bolton, Crawley, Manchester, and Prestwich, so it’s easy to find a location that is close and convenient for you. No matter what kind of artificial lawn solution you’re looking for, we’re happy to answer all of your questions.

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