5 Features that will make your House Stand Out!

Making space in your home, whether  indoor and outdoor, seems to be a new trend that is emerging and it really brings your home to life. This is due to being able to creating new rooms that will appeal to both you and your guests. Below are five fabulous design features that will help you create those indoor and outdoor features that you’ve always wanted.

Picking the Right Furniture

Picking the right furniture is essential and it needs to be something that makes your home stand out but has very relaxing tones and hues. It needs to tell people that it’s a comfortable spot to hang out and chill in, if it’s too loud it will put people off.

Outdoor Kitchens

This is a great way to feel more intimate with your guests without having to go backwards and forwards through the house. You can also entertain whilst you cook and not feel excluded from the party as you’ll be outside with everyone.


Picking the right style, colour and pattern of quality carpet can really bring everything together. The illusion of space can be achieved and the continuity through out the home can be created literally from the ground up.

Glass Doors

By having wall to wall glass windows or doors, it’s another perfect way to bring the outside, inside. The sunlight will flood in and make your room seem even more magical, and during those cold winter months, you can still appreciate the outside while staying warm.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds will prevent any creepy crawlies from getting indoors and even protect you from the strong rays caused by the sun. It keeps any unwanted guests away from your meals and adds a touch of modernity into the room.